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How to download the Open-Xchange source code

Starting with 6.22 the source code of Open-Xchange server is available from Git repositories.

The following repositories exist:

Repository content The main repository containing most of the parts of Open-Xchange server The user interface of OX App Suite The server-code and UI for OX Guard (PGP implementation) The AJAX user interface (version 6)
documentconverter-api The API of the server-based part of the documentconverter needed for OX Text
office The server-code for OX Text and OX Spreadsheet
office-web The frontend-code for OX Text and OX Spreadsheet

Git operations to access the code

To clone a repository in case of gitlab please follow the instructions shown there. For cloning from, run

$ git clone<repository>
$ cd <repository>
$ git checkout -t origin/<branch>

The currently used Git branches

For a list of available branches, run

$ git branch -r

The main development process uses the following branches:

Git branch content
develop head development
release-<version> stabilizing for <version> release
master maintenance of current release
master-<version> maintenance of previous releases